Get to know ROCR

Capture multiple regions
Draw as many regions as you need to capture your data. Typically this would include the sheet number and sheet title, but you can select any fixed-position data.
Create rules to manipulate the captured data
Create 'find & replace' rules that will modify your captured text. Convert hyphens to periods, strip out certain symbols, remove spaces, or perform any other text replacement with just a few clicks.
Watch ROCR rip through your files
ROCR can process up to four files per second depending on filesize and format.
Format your new filenames
Tell ROCR how you want the regions used in your new filename. Order the regions, include an index at the beginning if you want, and type in any additional text that you want as part of the filename.
Easily adjust regions for data shift
Sometimes the title block may be arranged differently between disciplines. You can quickly move & resize your regions for a new different disciplines, and re-process a selection of files in seconds.
Export to a spreadsheet
You can optionally export your data to a spreadsheet with one click. Import your captured data into an online planroom, or other document management system.

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